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Yoga Classes

My Yoga programs are individualised, geared specifically for the sufferer and target specific areas of the body and mind. They are small classes and are limited to a few students only. This means that I will be there to teach, guide and assist every student at all times.

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Yoga Classes


In conjunction with Yoga classes and programs, an Ayurveda consultation can pave the way to better health and optimal well-being. This can take thirty minutes, at the minimum.

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RYT 900 Yoga Therapy & Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Therapist

Joh Koepnick
About me

Slow down. Look after yourself. Make changes in lifestyle for your own life’s betterment and your longevity.

If you are suffering with physical aches and pains, health challenges, stress, emotional and/or mental strains, they do not simply dissolve and disappear without your own help and action. Their presence and existence need to be acknowledged and then action must be taken to resolve them.

Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda extend a helping hand. These two sister philosophies, lifestyles and practices offer a positive change that can turn one’s life around. They are alternative but also supplementary and auxilliary to mainstream health and medical practices and/or treatments.

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